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Hotel Complex


Standard Hotel providing services of the highest standards in the International Hotel Industry.

The Hotel will have 448 modules of apartments occupying 16 type-floors with 28 modules per floor, and in addittion to that, it will also have 08 intermediate floors; a Convention floor; a floor meant for the Fitness Center, gymnasium and covered swimming pool set with controlled temperature; a floor for the Restaurants; and 5 underground (below-street-level) floors. One of these five floors is designed for the Hotel and the Residential services and the other four are intended for car parks.

The Hotel will have an unusual architectural feature which is its magnificent internal space, its wide emptiness – the ATRIUM – so that the circulation corridors of the type-floors overlook the Lobby in total integration of these areas.

High Standard Residential sector which will occupy 19 floors above the Hotel floors. This Residential sector will have a total of 284 apartments - 16 apartments per floor – and in addition to that, it will also have a top floor with 12 luxury apartments of the duplex kind (apartments with rooms on two levels).
Above the residential apartment floors, on the top, two other floors have been devised. These two floors are meant for four high quality specialty restaurants with a panoramic view of the city of Tehran.

The roof of the ATRIUM will be a large dome made of metal structure and special glass that allows natural light to get in and in this way guarantees the illumination.

All of the Hotel floors as well as the Residential floors and the Restaurants floors will be served by six panoramic elevators and four other elevators.
The four top floor Restaurants and the Restaurants that are located in the middle of the Building separating the Hotel floors and the Residential floors will be served by two large panoramic elevators placed in the external part of the building and aimed at the access of outside public.

The SHOPPING CENTER, located in a block adjoining the Hotel and Residence Building, will have independent access through the ground floor and will hold around one hundred shops distributed through four floors with mezzanines.

The Shopping Center will be meant to shops that have good quality and brands that are well known in Iran. In addition to that, it will also have a recreation area for children to play in and a Food Area, both of them integrated with three special cinema halls, each of them having a capacity of about 150 people.

Convention Area
The Convention area is located above the Shopping Center Block and has four large halls that are separated by removable acoustics partitions and that can be interconnected, having a total capacity of 1,800 people.

The Convention area will be served by a complete kitchen for banquet catering services. 04 exclusive elevators, each one able to hold 30 people have been planned. These elevators leave from the ground floor and go up until the Convention floor.

On two floors of the area that corresponds to the Hotel Building there will be several rooms for executives to have their meetings (Conference rooms). The access to these meeting rooms will be by means of the panoramic and social elevators and also through the circulation ways that are turned to the ATRIUM. These conference rooms will be perfectly integrated with the Convention area.

Swimming Pools and Fitness Center
The set of swimming pools has been located on the top of the Convention area. The Hotel guests and the dwellers of the Residential will be served by these swimming pools.

The swimming pool area will have temperature control and heating. In the winter, this area will be protected by a roof and side panels made in a metalic structure of aluminium and glass. In the summer, it can be kept completely open.

The swimming pool area will be integrated with the Fitness Center and the Gymnasium, Beauty Parlor and Barber shop areas - all of them located in the Hotel tower, turned to the ATRIUM and accessed by means of both the panoramic and social elevators.

Type-Floor - Hotel
There is a total of 16 type-floors.
Each floor has 28 apartments (modules). They will be served by three panoramic elevators and two other  elevators, as well as by four service elevators and four emergency staircases located in the extremities of the building.

The Hotel has several double suites (2 modules) distributed trough the floors as well as especial suites and presidential suites located on the 16th floor.
The Hotel will have a total of 448 apartments. The area of each standard apartment is 36 m2.

The access to the apartments will be thorugh ways having large flowerpots in them and turned to the ATRIUM.

Type-Floor - Residential
There is a total of 17 type-floors assigned for the Residential apartments and 02 more floors for the Duplex and high luxury apartments.

The total number of apartments of different kinds in the Residential sector will be 284. The area of the standard apartment is 72 m2.

Each type-floor has 16 apartments and each apartments occupies two modules. In the same way as the Hotel, they too will be served by tree panoramic elevator and two other elevators, plus four service elevators and four emergency staircases located in the extremities of the building.
The Residential sector has apartments of several sizes distributed along the floors and will have high luxury apartments of the duplex type located on the two top floors of the Residential sector.

Separating the Hotel floors and the Residential sector floors, there is the Restaurant Floor. The Restaurants on this floor will serve the hotel guests as well as the Residential sector dwellers.

On this double-height floor, both restaurants will be turned to the Atrium and also to the external area with a panoramic view of the city of Teheran.

Also on this floor, in the central part of the ATRIUM, it has been created a grate made of metal structure and formed by big beams (girders) on which the large flowerpots with ornamental plants are to be laid. In this way, by means of large flowerpots that are supported by the metal beams, it was made possible to create an area of transfer without causing any damage to the natural lighting of the ATRIUM.

Top Floor Restaurants
On the top floors of the Hotel and Residential Building, two floors have been planned for the setup of four high standard specialties restaurants.

From each one of these Restaurants, it will be possible to enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city of Teheran.

Each of these Restaurants will have its own kitchen in order to prepare its culinary specialties.

Technical Floors
Two technical floors have been designed for the electric installation, hydraulic installation, engine room of all the elevators, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, water storage, etc of the Hotel and Residential sector. One of these technical floors is located on the top floor above the Restaurant floor and the other one is on the floor immediately below the 1st. Floor of the Hotel.


1st Underground Floor (Below-street-level floor)
This floor holds all of the service areas of both the Hotel and the Residential sector: the Laundry, the Central Kitchen, Supervision and Control Station, Air conditioning equipment, Electric equipment, Emergency motor generator groups, Mechanic and Hydraulic equipment, Water heating, storage-rooms, refrigerated containers, stock-rooms, facilities for the staff (Men´s and women´s changing rooms/ locker rooms, Refectory, Rest area, Bank branch), Health center, loading and unloading areas, etc.

2nd to 5th Underground Floors (Below-street-level floors)
These floors are exclusively meant for the Hotel, Residential and Shopping Center vehicle parks.

Each of the underground floors has a capacity of about 430 vehicles. The total capacity of the vehicle park is approximately 1,700 parking places.

Main Characteristics

  • Total built area: 157.425,00m²

  • Land area: 9.852,00m²

  • Height of the building: 160m

  • Quantity of apartments of the hotel: 448 apartments

  • Total quantity of apartments in the Residential sector: 284 apartments

  • Shopping Center area: 11.163,00 m²

  • Quantity of shops in the Shopping Center: 94 shops

  • Total area of the executive offices: 7.604,00m2

  • Event area (Ball Room and Meeting room): 4.590.00 m²

  • Total capacity of the Event area: 1,800 people

  • Quantity of internal panoramic elevators: 06 elevators

  • Quantity of external panoramic elevators:02 elevators

  • Quantity of service elevators: 08 elevators

  • Quantity of elevators for the Event area: 04 elevators

  • Quantity of escalators in the Shopping Center: 06 escalators

  • Quantity of safety staircases: 04 staircases

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